3D Plus Announces Upcoming DDR4 full Ecosystem for Space

3D PLUS has developed a new space DDR4 Ecosystem family including three types of DDR4 memories, a DDR4 Termination Regulator and a Radiation Intelligent Memory Controller (RIMC). The DDR4 brings increased performances to get higher frequencies and better efficiency. The RIMC DDR4 allows enhanced protection and mitigation against SEU/SEFI.

3D PLUS DDR4 Ecosystem becomes the first fully space qualified solution. This unique high speed computing ecosystem is built in accordance with ESA (European Space Agency) certification for all space missions looking for high reliability and long term solution.

This DDR4 ecosystem consists of all-in-one space qualified solution to afford a complete solution around state-of-the-art high-end digital cores for Space applications. It allows designers to gain all the benefits from latest high performing Digital Cores, for any Space challenging computing application.

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Source: 3D PLUS


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