Our industry is very exciting and dynamic, so we would like to inform you about current topics in the field of active components, passive components, interconnect and integrated solutions, but also report on the latest news from MSA Components.
MSA Components at the DLR EEE Components Conference 2023

MSA Components at the DLR EEE Components Conference 2023 This year, MSA Components again participated in the DLR EEE Components Conference 2023, which aims to identify and discuss the need for space-qualified components and component types. The annual conference provides an ideal platform for manufacturers and users to share information and discuss electrical, electronic and […]

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SiC FET Full Bridge with Integrated Gate Drive

Sensitron expands their series of of high power Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Bridge Modules with the new family of SPG modules, which includes a 1200V, 60A SiC Inteligent Power Module in a low profile and ultralight weight [...]

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MSA Components expands suppliers list

MSA Components expands the list of its suppliers through a partnership with KOLT, who has one of the most extensive databases for military solutions and field expert engineering. MSA Components is now able to expand [...]

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Positronic connectors are approved for inclusion on a Qualified Product List (QPL)

Positronic provides compact, efficient, and reliable connectors for military applications, avionics equipment, or communication systems. These connectors are rigorously reviewed, tested, and approved for inclusion on a Qualified Products List (QPL) so customers know they get the highest standarts of connectors for their projects. [...]

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