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With our product and market knowledge we provide a wide range of high qualified products and solutions for your projects and applications. Our catalog contains discrete standard and custom products from every productfield to support your projects and find the perfect solutions for your problems and needs giving you the best options and solutions.

Active Components

Active components are devices containing analog electronic filter that have the ability to produce a power gain or to amplify a signal. Common examples for active components are energy Sources, solar cells cenerators etc.


Passive Components

Passive components are electronic components that are only able to receive energy and to dissipate, absorb or store it in an electric or magnetic field for further use. Also they are able to operate without the need of electrical power.



Interconnect components are also known as the interconnect component bus and are generic connection interfaces to connect one or more hardware devices like computer peripherals with a Motherboard or a main circuit board.


Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions are components designed to be integrated in high reliable applications of your projects. They are able to solve several complex tasks and extend the usefulness and efficiency of electronic technologies.


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