What Is the Background of Space Micro’s Top Management?Our top management team comes with over 150 years of satellite electronics experience, including at the US Air Force, JPL, L3 Communications, Northrop Grumman, Cobham, Lockheed Martin, Space Electronics Inc., Maxwell Technologies, SAIC, and Arizona Sate Univ. Many of us founded and successfully ran fast-growth Space Electronics Inc. for 7 years before selling to a publicly traded company.

What Is Space Micro’s Core Product or Service and Its Unique Proposition to Their Market Sector?Space Micro designs, manufactures, and markets a broad line of radiation hard, but affordable, satellite subsystems....all performed in a smaller business environment which is dynamic, innovative and nimble. These subsystems include space avionics, image processing computers, communications-from S-band to Ka-band, optical comm, and GNC star tracker and sun sensors.

What Are Space Micro’s Growth Objectives over the next 5 Years?We grew revenue by 45% in 2016 and are on track for another rapid growth year of over 30%. Since our market share in the three major subsystems product areas is still relatively small, we expect to experience a continued CAGR of over 30%. As an exit event, we expect to be acquired at a premium multiple of revenue by a strategic buyer.

What Competitive Changes Does Space Micro’s Envisage Within Key Markets over the next 5 Years?
The space market will continue to became more globalized, and therefore our international sales and presence will dramatically increase. Our commercial space (Space 2.0) business has skyrocketed and we expect many more players to enter. We expect consolidation among the more established "old space" firms, but coupled by emergence of more entrepreneurial companies, many coming out of university CubeSat programs

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