Aluminium foil winding components


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Microspire offer their Moroccan AS/EN9100 qualified site and staff for any build to-print job (magnetics, subassemblies, rotors , stators, actuators, sensors and antennae)

Aluminium foil winding and Cut Core Technology for high grade applications. 300 Hz - 800 Hz Inductors and Transformers, Twelve pulse Transformers (up to 150 kW), Interphase Inductors.


Microspire offer their qualified technologies (manufacturing and environment) for custom design requirements with thermal and electrical optimisations.

  • Toroidal Transfer-Molded casings
  • SESI SMD Transfer-Molded casings
  • Customized medium power C,Toroids and EE cores Inductors or transformers
  • High Grade Custom Planar PCB Inductors and Transformers
  • Aluminium foil winding process manufacturing
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