C 283 to C 288 (P-PL-L-R*) Chip Caps Class 2

High voltage multilayer ceramic capacitors designed by EUROFARAD are adapted to applications in electronics. They are
available in class 1 and 2 dielectric versions complying with the main requirements of applicable standards.

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Dielectric: Ceramic class 2
Technology: Multilayer chips for surface mounting
• “DIL” connection leads (P)(PL)(L)
• Ribbon leads (varnished chips) (R*)
Climatic category: 55/125/56
Operating temperature: – 55°C + 125°C
Rated voltage URC: 200 V - 10 000 V
Sizes: 4040, 5440, 6560, 11283, 16080

Use of a specific ceramic provides particularly an excellent dielectric strength.
High dielectric constant enables to achieve high capacitance values.
A complete series of capacitors is available for hybrid or printed circuit applications requiring rated voltages from 200 VDC to
10 kVDC.

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