Latch Up Current Limiter (LCL)

3D Plus

Advanced high performance semiconductor devices can be sensitive to Single Event Latch-Up (SEL) effect when exposed under radiation in the space environment. Even if SEL is a very rare event, it can lead to a self destruction of the device and shall be mitigated to ensure the relevant reliability and life time of the application. Therefore, a safe design for a mission critical space application shall include a protection device called the Latch-Up current Limiter (LCL).

The 3DPM0168-2 LCL monitors the power supply line of the radiation sensitive device and switches it off instantaneously in case of any "radiation induced SEL" or any other overvoltage in order to protect the device from over current and overheating.

The LCL Module offers two adjustable threhold currents: to control device Run & Standby currents and two operating modes: Automatic reconnection with adjustable delay or reconnection through ON/OFF command.

Featuring specific radiation effect mitigation techniques and utilizing space design derating rules, the 3DPM0168-2 Latch-Up Curernt Limited is an ITAR Free product and features a SEL/SEE LETth of 80 Mev.cm2/mg and a TID of 50krad (Si).

Key Features

  • Latch-up protection from 0.8V to 5.5V and up to 2A
  • Very fast switch-off time (10µs max)
  • Very low Voltage drop across the LCL
  • Adjustable Run & Standby threshold currents
  • Active threshold current selection via an external signal
  • Automatic reconnection or through ON/OFF command
  • Adjustable delay for automatic reconnection
  • Protection Status signal for system suervision
  • Space Qualified Technology
  • Radiation Hardened design
    • TID > 50 Krad (Si)
    • SEL LET > 80Mev-cm2/mg
    • SET Immune > 80Mev-cm2/mg
  • Junction Temperature Range -55°C / +125°C
  • Compact Size and Low Weight
  • 20-pin SOP 20 pitch 1.27mm
  • ITAR Free Product - Worldwide delivery guaranty
  • Size: 15 x 15 x 12 mm
  • Mass: 6.5g

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