MRAM Space Grade Radiation Tolerant Memory Stacks

3D Plus

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The Magneto-resistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) stores data using magnetic polarization rather than electric charge, which brings the MRAM unlimited Read/Write endurance and Single Event Upset (SEU) immune characteristics. 1Mb to 128Mb Radiation Tolerant MRAM stacks are available in a variety of temperature ranges, organized x8, x16 and x32 and with power supply of 3.3V.
The devices are offered with standard SOP footprint for high resistance SMT assembly and for withstanding harsh thermal and mechanical environments.
3D Plus MRAM products are used as processor’s Boot and Program ROM and FPGA configuration Memory in a variety of high performance computer in all the space applications fields: sciences and deep space missions, earth observations, navigation, launchers and manned space vehicles, and telecommunications satellites.

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