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PAVE hermetic seals are any type of insulated, stranded or solid plated copper conductors in any combination or lengths, copper or brass connector pin contacts or glass fiber optic cables of any type, all sealed for low or high pressures or vacuums, helium gas tight, moisture tight bulkhead seals available in unlimited wide range of combinations that can be easily customized for cost effective small or large quantities. Wire connector terminations can also be included for a complete, ready to use hermetically sealed thru-bulkhead wire connector harness.

Hermetically sealed coaxial or shielded cables of any type or PAVE-Mate® connector types with floating isolated shields (BNC, SHV, SMA, TRIAX/TWINAX, F, SMB, SMC MicroDot and others), grounded housing shields and multi-pin coaxial PAVE-Mate® connectors, single or dual sided connections. Typical shielding coverage is ~50% through the seal and up to 100% shield coverage is usually available upon request.

Versions available include BNC, SMA, SHV, MHV, N and Triaxial with floating or grounded shields for pressure or vacuum uses. In addition, any type of coaxial or shielded cables can be hermetically sealed in almost any combination or length. Multi-pin coaxial PAVE-Mate connectors are also available up to 29 shielded contacts.

PAVE coaxial connectors are limited from to under 2 GHz maximum frequencies, as significant impedance mis-match or reflection is likely above 2 GHz. Typical impedance control is +-10% of the nominal impedance value for the type connector selected unless a non-constant impedance connector type. Any special electrical requirements such as VSWR, insertion loss, RF leakage, TDR testing or tight impedance control should be first discussed with a PAVE sales engineer before ordering. See also our FAQ #31 for electrical testing results of some of our coaxial seals.

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