RL-1160 Mini-Inductors High "Q" Horizontal Flat Coils


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The RL-1160 is an economical inductor with a unique flat coil configuration that makes it ideally suited for use in high density printed circuit board assemblies. Twice the inductance and Q values are obtainable with the flat coil configuration than is possible with axial lead inductors occupying the same space. The flat coils have a wide range of inductance and high Q values so they can effectively be used at radio as well as audio frequencies.


• Operating ambient temperature: -55°C to +130°C
• Weight: 1 gram maximum
• Tolerance: 10% all values 10µH to 4700µH
• 20% all values under 10µH
• Inductance measured on Q meter


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{tab=Manufacturer Info}www.rencousa.com

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