RL-1361 Common Mode Choke EE-Core Design

Renco Electronics Inc.

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Renco Common Mode Chokes are designed to help meet U.S. and International requirements for safety and EMI. By placing these chokes at the inputs of electrical equipment or circuits EMI feedback can be kept within specified limits. These low priced Common Mode Chokes are available in a wide range of standard inductances and current ratings from 100mA to 5.5Amps. The PC mounting makes them easy to incorporate in equipment.

Under normal operating conditions, power supplied through the Common Mode Choke is balanced. When the equipment in which the choke is utilized generates electrical noise due to operation of relays, triacs, SCRs, etc., these transient noise pulses cause an imbalance in the power line current. Since the coils of the Common Mode Choke are out of phase with each other, noise being fed back to the power level and does not interfere with other equipment operating on the same power line.

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