Space Micro Awarded NASA SBIR to Develop Radiation-Tolerant CubeSat Star Tracker

San Diego, CA – October 24, 2018

Space Micro has been awarded a new Phase I SBIR contract by NASA.  This research and development will design a miniaturized dual-head star tracker in CubeSat form factor that can survive in harsh space radiation environments.

“We are pleased to enter into this contract with NASA and work with the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) to develop this CubeSat star tracker that will support higher reliability and longer lifetime NASA, DoD, and commercial space programs/missions,” said David J. Strobel, Space Micro’s CEO.  “Space Micro is now seeing many more operational CubeSat missions in which availability and radiation tolerance is essential, and often not just in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). There was a gap in the available CubeSat/SmallSat star trackers products, which we are now addressing. We are also seeing a new demand for U.S. domestic sourcing for certain U.S. Government programs.”

The Phase I SBIR contract will span six months and, if successful, will transition into a full 24 month development award.


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