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  Main markets: 
Aviation, Medical, Transportation
Active Components
Main markets: 
Aviation, Medical, Transportation

SMC designs and manufactures semiconductors with a focus on our customers' needs. Since our founding in 1997, we have been dedicated to delivering high-quality products with timely delivery, powering innovative products with precision and efficiency. We serve a diverse range of markets, including aerospace, alternative energy, automotive, computing, consumer, industrial, power supply, LED lighting, and medical sectors.

History highlights significant milestones: SMC was founded as a subsidiary company in 1997. By 2000, our wafer fabrication building was completed. In 2010, SMC became independent from its parent company. We obtained our ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications in 2014, and in 2019, we began shipping our silicon carbide products.

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Markets and Application Areas

SMC Diodes is a leading provider of reliable components tailored for aviation, medical, and transportation markets. In aviation, they offer high-performance diodes and rectifiers, ensuring efficient power management and system reliability in aircraft. For the medical industry, SMC Diodes provides precision-engineered semiconductor solutions crucial for medical equipment, ensuring accuracy and dependability in critical applications. In transportation, their robust diodes and integrated circuits are essential for automotive and mass transit systems, guaranteeing safe and efficient operation. SMC Diodes' dedication to innovation and quality ensures their components meet the stringent requirements of these vital sectors, providing dependable performance and longevity.

All certificates of SMC Diode Solutions

- ISO 9001
- IATF16949
- ISO 14001

SMC products for the Aviation market

SMC Diodes provides surge protection solutions for civil aircraft across critical systems, including cockpit electronics, avionics flight control systems, actuation systems, and engine components. Our TVS and EOTVS technologies ensure reliable performance in flight control, communications, and passenger cabin systems, enhancing safety and comfort. With a commitment to innovation and reliability, SMC delivers comprehensive surge protection tailored to the aviation industry, ensuring the safety and performance of aircraft systems and passengers alike.

Civil Aircraft
Military Aircraft
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Rectifiers are electronic devices that convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). They are essential in power supplies for electronic equipment, ensuring a steady DC output. Rectifiers are used in various applications, including battery charging, power generation, and converting AC from the grid for DC-powered devices.


Diodes are semiconductor devices that allow current to flow in one direction only, blocking reverse flow. They are crucial in rectification, voltage regulation, signal modulation, and protection circuits. Diodes are used in power supplies, radio signals, and as switches in electronic circuits.


Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) are protection devices designed to guard electronic circuits against voltage spikes. They rapidly clamp excessive transient voltages, preventing damage to sensitive components. TVS diodes are widely used in power supplies, communication lines, and automotive electronics to enhance reliability and longevity.

ESD Protection

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection involves safeguarding electronic components from sudden and potentially damaging static electricity discharges. ESD protection devices, such as diodes and suppressors, are essential in preventing circuit failures and extending the lifespan of sensitive electronics, particularly in consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and communication systems.

Power Modules

Power modules are integrated devices combining multiple power semiconductor components, such as diodes and transistors, into a single package. They are used to efficiently control and convert electrical power in applications like motor drives, renewable energy systems, and electric vehicles, offering enhanced performance, reliability, and thermal management.


Thyristors are semiconductor devices that act as switches, controlling large voltages and currents with small input signals. Once activated, they remain on until the current drops below a threshold. Common in power control applications, such as dimmers, motor speed controls, and voltage regulation, thyristors ensure efficient energy management.


Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs are advanced semiconductor devices offering high efficiency and fast switching speeds. They withstand higher voltages and temperatures compared to traditional silicon MOSFETs, making them ideal for demanding applications in power electronics, such as electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and industrial power supplies.

SiC Diodes

Silicon Carbide (SiC) diodes are high-performance semiconductor devices that offer fast switching, high efficiency, and superior thermal stability. They are used in power electronics to enhance energy conversion efficiency, reduce losses, and handle high voltages and temperatures, making them ideal for applications in electric vehicles, solar inverters, and industrial power systems.

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Featured Products for SMC Diode Solutions


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Latching Bi-Lobe® Nano-D Connectors

Available in pin counts from 9-65, latching Bi-Lobes® can be configured with discrete wires, overmolded cable, panel mount housings and PCB mounted versions.

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LCDA03 THRU LCDA36 TVS array series

The LCDAXX series of TVS array are designed to protect sensitive electronics from damage or latchup due to ESD and other voltage-induced transient events. Each device will protect two high-speed lines. They are bi-directed devices and may be used on lines where the signal polarities are above and below ground

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Surface Mount fast switching Diode

- High Conductance
- Fast Switching
- Surface Mount Package Ideally Suited for Automatic
- For General Purpose and Switching
- Plastic Material –UL Recognition Flammability
Classification 94V-O
- “-A” is an AEC-Q101 qualified device
- This is a Halogen Free Device
- All SMC parts are traceable to the wafer lot
- Additional testing can be offered upon request

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Single-Phase 10.0A Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifier

- Glass passivated die construction
- Low forward voltage drop
- High current capability
- High surge current capability
- Plastic material-UL flammability 94V-0
- This is a Pb − Free Device
- All SMC parts are traceable to the wafer lot
- Additional testing can GBJ be offered upon request

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1200V SiC Power MOSFET

S2M0016120D-1 is single SiC Power MOSFET packaged in TO-247AD case. The device is a high voltage nchannel enhancement mode MOSFET that has very low total conduction losses and very stable switching characteristics over temperature extremes. The S2M0016120D-1 is ideal for energy sensitive, high frequency applications in challenging environments.

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Latching Bi-Lobe® Nano-D Connectors

Available in pin counts from 9-65, latching Bi-Lobes® can be configured with discrete wires, overmolded cable, panel mount housings and PCB mounted versions.

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Latching Bi-Lobe® Nano-D Connectors
Available in pin counts from 9-65, latching Bi-Lobes® can be configured with discrete wires, overmolded cable, panel mount housings and PCB mounted versions.
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Featured News for SMC Diode Solutions

Power modules and TVS modules

Our TVS diodes and power module supplier SMC Diode Solutions is a privately held, American-controlled semiconductor company with a wafer fabrication facility in China that focuses on the design and manufacture of chips for power devices.

1200V series SiC MOSFETs

S2M00**120* series is the new generation 1200V voltage platform SiC MOSFETs family released by SMC. The first Rds(on) is 25 m Ω, with two different packages TO-247-4 and TO-247-3. This series SiC MOSFETs adopts unique planar technology and is further optimized for power fast switching applications.

Multi-line Steering Diode Array for EOS Protection - SMP1255PUTG

The SMP1255PUTGis a low capacitance steering diode array with an integrated high energy TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor). The device can protect up to three high speed data lines and one VBus IC power rail from the harmful threats of electrical over-stress (EoS).

SMC is selected in everything PE's top MOSFETs in 2023

Plainview, NY – SMC Diode Solution’s 1200 V SiC Power MOSFET, S2M0025120K, has been selected as one of everything PE's top MOSFETs in 2023. The demand for power MOSFETs in the automotive, energy, and consumer electronics industries has increased due to the necessity for compact and sophisticated automation solutions.

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