CNC 53 to CNC 65 P-PL-L-N Class 2


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Ceramic capacitors for H.F. switching power supplies

Due to their remarkable performance in function of frequency, these high capacitance components have found inherent applications such as filtering in high frequency switch mode power supplies or energy storage devices as alternative solutions to electrolytic capacitors (mainly tantalum capacitors).
The electrode geometry (width > length) is designed to minimize the series resistance and inductance which are the principle cause of resonance.

Dielectric: Ceramic class 2
Technology: Multilayer chips terminations “DIL” leads
• for surface mounting (P) (PL) (L)
• for through hole leads (varnished chips) (N*)
Operating temperature: – 55°C + 125°C
Rated voltage UR: 63 V - 500 V



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