TCK/TCL 183 to 188 Ceramic Molded/Varnished Chip Caps Class 1

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High voltage multilayer ceramic capacitors designed by EUROFARAD are adapted to applications in electronics.
They are available in class 1 and 2 dielectric versions complying with the main requirements of applicable standards.

feature unique stability of all parameters under such constraints as operating time, temperature, voltage supply.
For example, the quality factor remains very high over an extremely wide frequency range.
As an example, loss angle tangent value at 1 MHz is typically in the order of 3.10–4.
These characteristics make them compatible with steep-edge impulse mode without noticeable temperature rise.
A complete series of capacitors is available for hybrid or printed circuit applications requiring rated voltages from 200 VDC to
10 kVDC.


Dielectric: Ceramic class 1
Technology: Varnished Multilayer chips
Climatic category: 55/125/56
Operating temperature: – 55°C + 125°C
Rated voltage URC: 200 V to 10 000 V

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