FC 170 EMI/RFI Filters C Type

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Capacitive filters: they consist of a feed through capacitor inserted between the transmission line and ground.
If we consider the « cut off frequency » (fc) the frequency for which the attenuation is equal to -3 dB.
When measured, the insertion loss of this type of filter is equal to 20 dB/decade. This type is suitable for applications where source or input impedances are rather high (>1 ohm), and when sharp variations of the insertion loss curve are not required.


  • Multilayer ceramic discoidal capacitor
  • Tinned metal housing (silver plated on request)
  • Mounting : threaded ISO (I) or ASA (U)
  • Resin sealed (R) or glass beads (V...F) with tinned copper wire leads
  • Sealed by glass beads (V) with solder tag terminals

Temperature range : - 55°C + 125°C

Conformity to AIR 2021 E or EN 2282 available

The aim of standard AIR 2021 E or EN 2282 is to define inflight networks and a certain number of conditions of compatibility applicable to generators, (in flight and ground), to interfaces and functional equipment. It deals with a.c. networks with fixed frequencies (115 Vrms 400 Hz) and d.c. networks (28,5 Vdc) as well as the conditions when these serve in back-up functions. Standard AIR 7305 deals with test procedures of electric generation or equipment performance, however the specifications of electric generation and equipment must be compatible with AIR 2021 E or EN 2282 standard. Filters conforming to these two standards carry the prefix A and are specially manufactured with a view to their use in in-flight networks. They are systematically tested by means of voltage generators designed by our Engineering Department. For the characteristics of transients and subtransients it is necessary to refer to standard AIR 7305.

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