Fusio-II module

Fusio-II, the first product of a new generation of embedded programmable modules

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Key Features

  1. Reduced footprint.
    By internally connecting the FPGA, the NAND flash and the mDDR, the Fusio-II module comes out
    with a reduced pin count of 484 balls compared with the original FGPA footprint of 676 balls.
    Considering the overall footprints of the memories, FPGA and decoupling capacitors, the Fusio-II does
    provide a footprint reduction from 937 mm2 down to 361mm2 (without mention of extra layout space
    for high speed signal integrity)
  2. Optimized module size.
    Using its wafer stacking WDoD™ technology, 3D PLUS can embedded heterogeneous components
    without interposer or bonding and therefore achieve the lowest possible form factor in all three
    dimensions offering a module of only 19 x 19 x3.9mm.
  3. Fast time to market thanks to a validated subsystem.
    As a fully tested and validated subsystem, the Fusio-II can be directly placed on a board and
    connected to dedicated peripherals, significantly reducing design and test development times paving
    the way to quick board derivatives.

Fusio-II main characteristics:

  • Spartan®-6 XQ6SLX150T FPGA with high speed serial connectivity offering an integration of up to 147 443 logic cells.
  • 4 High speed GTP serial transceivers characterized at 2.5Gbp/s, which can be configured as a PCI-express endpoint.
  • 2x128Mbits of low power mDDR operating at 166 MHz.
  • 167 decoupling caps providing optimum filtering for each 10 power supplies
  • 203 multi-purpose User I/O through three independent banks

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