Integrated Multi-Axis Motor Controller System

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  • Ethernet with a complete TCP/IP stack
  • CAN bus with SAE J1939 compatibility
  • Fully integrated network-controlled motor controller bridge
  • Autonomous operation - open, close, start, stop, fault detect, etc
  • High-level functionality – open/close, engage, coordinate, etc
  • Powered from 28V


  • 100V, 5A Rating
  • 28V Input Inrush Current Control
  • Small Size
  • Shielded Enclosure
  • Six Step Commutation, BLDC Compatible
  • 2 or 4 Quadrant PWM Control
  • Constant Velocity
  • Current/Torque Limited
  • Simple Communication Interface
  • Shielded I/O Connectors
  • Inputs From Limit Sensors

The SensINTNet Multi-Axis Motor Controller System is a complete drive network solution for multi-axis systems requiring network control with a high-level of integration. The system consists of one or more Controller Module (CM) assemblies, each controlling up to ten independent motor Drive Module (DM) nodes.
The CM nodes communicate with a Main System Host via a 10/100 Copper Ethernet link using TCP/IP protocol, and relay messages to the DM network via J1939 compliant CAN network. The DM network responds to commands such as “open”, and “close”, as well as to status commands that are received from the CM nodes. Processing resources on both CM and DM nodes allows the network to operate independently and simultaneously.

  • Variety of the Commercial Off-the-Shelf SSPC and RPC products availability reduces lead time
  • Flexible, battle-tested technology allows for reduced design time
  • Efficient electrical and mechanical design optimized for small space/footprint
  • Minimal power dissipation and wide-temperature range operation
  • Life cycle cost savings and reduced cost of ownership




  • Leveling / Gyro Systems
  • Sequencing Pumps, Blowers and Fans
  • Hatch Control
  • Industrial Control and Manufacturing
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Manned Ground Vehicles
  • Commercial Vessels
  • Missile Launchers
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