Diamondback Multi-Channel SSPC


The Diamondback Programmable Multi-Channel Solid State Power Controllers are multi-channel, microcontroller based, COTS embedded boards designed for 28VDC applications. Each channel of the Diamondback has software-programmable current ratings and can operate grouped with other channels to support loads up to 125A. The board has integrated current, temperature and voltage sensing with no derating over termperature. Parameter measurements, system status information and control commands are issued over a serial communications interface.
  • Variety of the Commercial Off-the-Shelf SSPC and RPC products availability reduces lead time
  • Flexible, battle-tested technology allows for reduced design time
  • Efficient electrical and mechanical design optimized for small space/footprint
  • Minimal power dissipation and wide-temperature range operation
  • Life cycle cost savings and reduced cost of ownership


  • SSPC and RPCs combine protection, remote control and health monitoring functionalities
  • True I2t and Instant Trip Protection
  • Solid State Reliability
  • Software and hardware current rating programmability
  • Accurate Current, Temperature and Voltage Measurements
  • Isolated Discrete or serial interface controls and load monitoring
  • False trip and EMC Reduction
  • Built in test features
  • Total board current of 210A @ 28Vdc
  • Programmable current ratings from 0.25 to 25A
  • Software programmable current ratngs
  • Channel paralleling up to 125-150 A
  • Total current capability of up to 160A
  • Max power dissipation less than 20W
  • True I2t and thermal memory protection
  • Trip-free reset circuit
  • Normal and SensWide™ instant trip
  • 16 electrically-protected channels
  • Current, temperature, voltage readings

Note: Device(s) classified as COTS Dual use item(s)

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