PM948 (SMD) Film capacitors for SMPS

Capacitor ranges PM06, PM 89, PM 90, PM 94 and PM 96 are specially manufactured for use in switch mode power supplies.

PM948S For space use (ESA/SCC 3006/024) contact us.

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  • Metallized polyester (P.E.T.) dielectric
  • Temperature range -55°C to 125°C
  • High permissible current capabilities up to 105°C (>105°C please see data sheet)
  • Self-healing
  • Low inductance
  • Thermoplastic case
  • Epoxy resin sealed
  • Surface Mount Device
  • Capacitance values and rated voltages (D.C.) from 63V to 630V


Eurofarad range of professional capacitors is designed for use in electronic circuits and for power electronics.
EUROFARAD manufactures film capacitors using most of the technologies available, especially polyester, polypropylene and polycarbonate films which have good intrinsic properties suited to certain applications where current, temperature, power and high voltage are very important parameters.
For manufacturing filtering capacitors for high frequency switch mode power supplies, EUROFARAD uses mainly P.E.T. and P.E.N. polyester films.
● P.E.T. (Polyethylene terephtalate ) ● P.E.N. (Polyethylene naphtalate).
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