A radiation hardened DSP-based high performance processor with a speed of up to 4000 MIPS that supports C&DH, Payload and other satellite control applications and is available in fixed or floating point calculation as well as various form factors.

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Space Micro's offers a full suite of Digital Computing Products, peripherals and custom imaging products.  Our digital product heritage began with the development of our Proton 100k single board computer (SBC) which featured advanced VLIW processing and was launched on TACSAT-2 in 2006. This was followed by development of Proton 200k, 300k, and now 400k series computers; as well as the popular ProtonX-Box Avionics Suite which features various peripheral digital slices in the PCI-104 format.  Space Micro also provides a custom Image Processing System which utilizes our P200K SBC packaged with other custom designs.  The IPC-5000 was launched on ORS-1 in June 2011 and continues to receive very positive feedback.  We've also developed a hosted payload interface unit (HPIU) which leverages development work from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) F6 Technology Package.



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