Your industry is very exciting and dynamic, so we would like to inform you about current topics in the field of active components, passive components, interconnect and integrated solutions, but also report on the latest news from MSA Components.
Lightweight SiC Power Bridge Modules
Sensitron provides a family of ultralight rugged SiC power bridge modules up to 1200V, 90A for high-reliability applications requiring high power in a lightweight and small footprint package. Three-phase, full bridge and custom bridge modules are [...]...
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Space Micro Delivers Space Cameras for LEO Program
Space Micro delivered multiple space cameras to an undisclosed customer for a LEO spacecraft programSpace Micro’s 5MP camera is a state-of-the-art optical system leveraging an advanced visible imager chip. Following the development and delivery of [...]...
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Steckverbinder für neue unbemannte Geräte
Unbemannte Geräte und Systeme finden sich in fast allen Bereichen unseres Lebens – und es werden immer mehr. Wir entwickeln neue Systeme, die unsere Reichweite, Einblicke und Fähigkeiten durch ferngesteuerte Geräte verbessern. Dabei steigen aber auch die Anforderungen an die Elektronik, die die...
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Sensitron latest JAN Qualified Diode List + JAN Qualified Diode Development Roadmap, Rev. 8/15/2017
Sensitron latest JAN Qualified Diode List + JAN Qualified Diode Development Roadmap, Rev. 8/15/2017 About JANS, JANTX/V, JAN, Diodes Zener Diodes TVS Diodes Power Rectifier Diodes Schottky Diodes Small Signal Switching Diodes  ...
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Space Micro delivers CubeSat Space Processor (CSP) flight units for commercial space program
San Diego, CA – June 14, 2017 – Space Micro announced that they have delivered two flight units of their CubeSat Space Processor (CSP) single board flight computer to an undisclosed customer in support of a commercial space program. More information...
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Answers to Questions for NewSpace People’s The Business of Space Interview Series
What Is the Background of Space Micro’s Top Management?Our top management team comes with over 150 years of satellite electronics experience, including at the US Air Force, JPL, L3 Communications, Northrop Grumman, Cobham, Lockheed Martin, Space Electronics Inc., Maxwell Technologies, SAIC, and Ar...
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3D Plus: Wire-free Die-on-die Technology for Electronic Module Manufacturing in Implantable Devices
More and more applications are calling for miniaturized electronics to integrate high-performance devices in a limited volume. 3D technology is being driven by the consumer markets as smartphones, tablets and many handheld devices require advanced features in light and thin products. Currently, thos...
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Exxelia: Innovative Alumunim Electrolytic Capacitor Ranges at RailTex – booth #H02 –
Exxelia is pleased to exhibit at RailTex 2017 in Birmingham, United-Kingdom. From May 9th to 11th at booth #H02, Exxelia will be showcasing innovative ranges of Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors for use in both rolling stock and signaling systems. Felsic HV, long lifetime and high voltage screw termi...
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