Your industry is very exciting and dynamic, so we would like to inform you about current topics in the field of active components, passive components, interconnect and integrated solutions, but also report on the latest news from MSA Components.
Space Micro Announces Space Qualification of the MIST Star Tracker
Space Micro is pleased to announce the completion of their Miniature Integrated Star Tracker (MIST) space qualification program. The full product qualification sequence encompassed standard space environmental testing including vibration, thermal cycling, and thermal vacuum tests. [...]...
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Space Micro Announces “Nanocom” Communications for Nanosatellite/Smallsat Constellations
Space Micro has developed a lower cost, high-bandwidth communication subsystem for CubeSats/nanosatellites. This new product leverages Space Micro’s legacy µSDR family with TRL=9 maturity and flight [...]...
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Exxelia MIL Wet Tantalum Capacitors M39006/22 now qualified to Level P
Exxelia’s MIL 39006/22 equivalent to CLR79 series is now approved to P-level reliability (0,1% / 1,000 h) for voltage ranges from 6V to 125V with a capacitance value ranging from 1,7µF to 1200µF. Available in T1, T2, T3 and T4 case sizes, these products are housed in a hermetically sealed Tantal...
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Lightweight SiC Power Bridge Modules
Sensitron provides a family of ultralight rugged SiC power bridge modules up to 1200V, 90A for high-reliability applications requiring high power in a lightweight and small footprint package. Three-phase, full bridge and custom bridge modules are [...]...
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Space Micro Introduces 5MP Space Camera
Space Micro Inc. announced it is introducing the 5MP Space Camera as part of its Guidance and Navigation product line.The 5MP Space Camera builds on the legacy µSTAR Tracker Camera Head Unit (CHU) in the same flight-qualified mechanical configuration, while integrating a 5 Megapixel scientific CMOS...
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Introduction of New Isolated DC-DC Converter Model "WK300505S-01"
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