CNW 32 Power Ceramic Caps


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These are made of a ceramic substrate metalized on its two opposite widest surfaces. Their standard dimensions fit to microwave line widths so as to prevent any impedance mismatch due to dimensional factors (other sizes manufactured on request). Their configurations lead to very low inductances. So, for a given capacitance value, their resonance frequency is much higher than the resonance frequency of multilayer ceramic capacitors, thus enabling to achieve as much higher operating frequencies.


Dielectric: Low loss - ceramic class 2
Technology: Multilayer chips - weldable terminations
Gold on nickel barrier (G)
Dipped on nickel barrier (E)
or with silver ribbon leads (R) (AR)
or tinned copper leads (W)
Operating temperature: – 55°C + 125°C
Capacit. temp. characteristic: X7R
Rated voltage URC: 100 V - 300 V
Test voltage: 2,5 URC



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