50V/10A Rad Tolerant Multifunction Power Module Vehicle
  • 50V/10A Fully De-Rated Operation
  • Independent Low and High Side Power Drivers
  • Four Possible Configurations:
    • Single Low Side Driver
    • Single High Side Driver
    • Independent High and Low Side Drivers
    • Half-Bridge With Shoot-Through Protection
  • Internal Shoot-Through Protection
  • Internal Power Good Circuitry
  • High Speed Switching Capability: 1.0MHz
  • Rugged Compact Molded SMT Package
  • “Pillar” I/O Pads
  • eGaN®Switching Elements
  • No Bi-polar technology
  • Commercially Screened
Development Vehicle for:
  • FBS-GAM02-P-R50 (Available)
  • FBS-GAM02-C-R50(Planned)
Freebird Semiconductors FBS-GAM02-P-(x) Series Radiation Tolerant Multifunction Power Module incorporates eGaN® switching power HEMTs with intended end use design within commercial satellite space environments. These development modules include two output power switches, two high speed gate drive circuits (consisting entirely of eGaN® switching elements), two power Schottkey diode clamp elements, shoot-through prevention logic (for the Half-Bridge connection) and +5V gate drive bias “power good” monitoring circuitry in an innovative, space-efficient, 18
pin SMT molded epoxy package.
  • Power Switches/Actuators
  • Single and Multi-Phase Motor Phase Drivers
  • Commercial Satellite EPS & Avionics
  • High Speed DC-DC Conversion




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