50V/10A Radiation Hardened Multifunction Power Module
  • 50V/10A Fully Derated (100V/10A Capable)
  • Integrated Output eGaN® Power HEMTs
  • Four Possible Configurations:
    - Single Low Side Driver
    - Single High Side Driver
    - Independent High and Low Side Drivers
    - Half-Bridge with Input Shoot-Through Protection
  • Internal Shoot-Through Protection
  • Internal Power Good Circuitry
  • High Speed Switching Capability: 1.0MHz+
  • Rugged Compact Molded SMT Package
  • “Pillar” I/O Pads
  • eGaN® HEMT Switching Elements
  • Rad-Hard/Commercially Screened
  • Guaranteed Total Ionizing Dose:
    - Rated to 100kRad
  • Single Event:
    - SEE immunity for LET of ~83.7 MeV/mg/cm2
    With VDS up to 100% of rated Breakdown
  • Neutron Fluence:
    - Maintains specification up to 1 x 1013 N/cm2
Freebird Semiconductors FBS-GAM02-P-R50 Series Radiation Hardened Multifunction Power Module incorporates eGaN® switching power HEMTs with intended end use design within commercial satellite space environments. These modules include two output power switches, two high speed gate drive circuits (consisting entirely of eGaN® switching elements), two power Schottky diode clamp elements with shoot-through prevention logic (for the Half-Bridge connection) and a +5V gate drive bias “power good” monitoring circuitry in an innovative, space-efficient, 18 pin SMT molded epoxy package. Data sheet parameters are “Post Radiation Effect” guaranteed due to the utilization of Freebird Semiconductor RHA validated materials.
Commerce Rated 9A515.e.x Device
  • Power Switches/Actuators
  • Single and Multi-Phase Motor Phase Drivers
  • Commercial Satellite EPS & Avionics
  • High Speed DC-DC Conversion




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