• Low RDS(ON)
  • Ultra-low Qg for High Efficiency
  • Logic Level
  • Light Weight - 0.135 grams
  • New Die Adaptor Assembly
  • Source Sense Pin
  • Total Dose
    • Rated to 300 kRrad
  • Single Event
    • SEE immunity for LET of 83.7MeV/mg/cm2
      With VDS up to 100% of rated Breakdown
  • Low Dose Rate at 100 mRad/sec
    • Maintains Pre-Rad specification
  • Neutron
    • Maintains Pre-Rad specification for up to 1 x 10^13 Neutrons/cm^2
  • Commercial Satellite EPS & Avionics
  • Deep Space Probes
  • High Speed Rad Hard DC-DC Conversion
  • Rad Hard Motor Controllers
Freebird Semiconductor FDA series of eGaN® switching power HEMTs have been specifically designed for critical applications in the high reliability or commercial satellite space environments. These devices have exceptionally high electron mobility and a low temperature coefficient resulting in very low RDS(ON) values. The lateral structure of the die provides for very low gate charge (QG) and extremely fast switching times.
These features enable faster power supply switching frequencies resulting in higher power densities, higher efficiencies and more compact packaging.



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