FC030HT EMI/RFI Filters C Type for Microbox

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Capacitive filters: they consist of a feed through capacitor inserted between the transmission line and ground.
If we consider the « cut off frequency » (fc) the frequency for which the attenuation is equal to -3 dB.
When measured, the insertion loss of this type of filter is equal to 20 dB/decade. This type is suitable for applications where source or input impedances are rather high (>1 ohm), and when sharp variations of the insertion loss curve are not required.


  • Multilayer ceramic discoidal capacitor
  • Solder mounted (S)
  • Sealing mixed, resin (Input), glass bead (Output) (HT) (Y) ➀
  • Sealing mixed glass bead (Input), resin (Output) (HT) (RX) ➂ and (HT) (RY) ➁
  • Metal gold plated housing with gold plated wire terminals

Temperature range : - 55°C + 175°C

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