H01 Series Miniature Fixed Chip Inductors


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• With or without tab terminations
• Terminations with tin-lead coating
• Q factor ≥ 30 at 1 MHz
• SRF ≥ 8 MHz
• Δ L/L ± 1000 ppm / °C
• Materials meet UL94-V0 rating
• Weight : 0.12 gram

QPL Component

MPCI H01 series are usually installed on Military applications and breadboards for Space applications.
Since January 2003, Microspire has been manufacturing Radio Frequency Fixed Coils, MPCI H01 series fulfilling
ESA ESCC Generic specification N° 3201 and detail specification N° 3201/008.
This range is named MSCI (S for space applications).
This qualification approval includes final production tests Chart II, burn-in and electrical measurements to testing
level B Chart III and qualification testing Chart IV.
For procurement, different quality levels are offered :

• Final production tests Chart II
• Burn-in and electrical measurements Chart III with level B or C (as required)
• Lot acceptance testing Chart V if required

Components delivered through this specification need to be processed and inspected in accordance with the
Microspire Process Identification Document (P.I.D.).
Each component delivered is traceable to its production lot.

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