PPS13 (radial) Polypropylene Film-Foil Capacitors

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Eurofarad range of professional capacitors is designed for use in electronic circuits and for power electronics.
EUROFARAD manufactures film capacitors using most of the technologies available, especially polyester, polypropylene and polycarbonate films which have good intrinsic properties suited to certain applications where current, temperature, power and high voltage are very important parameters.

Eurofarad film capacitors are obtained by winding two or more layers of dielectric plastic film and metal foil. The metal layers are applied by evaporation under vacuum on the dielectric ( metallized film capacitors ) or consist of separate metal foils (film-foil capacitors). Generally, the coils of each of the metal foils are interconnected by a deposit of several metal alloy layers. The leads are connected by soldering or brazing.

Polypropylene has excellent mechanical, chemical and electrical properties due to its regulars non-polar structure.
This film is characterised by very low dielectric losses, small dielectric absorption, high dielectric strength, very high insulating resistance and a practically linear temperature coefficient in all temperature ranges.
All these properties make this film highly attractive for manufacturing precision capacitors or for power electronics capacitors.


  • Polypropylene film-foil dielectric
  • Non-inductive
  • Thermoplastic case
  • Epoxy resin sealed
  • Capacitance values and rated voltage (D.C.) from 63V to 250V
  • Capacitance tolerances +/- 1% to +/-20%
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