Discover the Innovations and Solutions of Exxelia

Exxelia designs and manufactures high-reliability passive components and precision subsystems for demanding markets like aerospace, defense, and medical. Their products include capacitors, inductors, transformers, resistors, filters, position sensors, slip rings, and mechanical parts used in power electronics, power generation, energy storage, and signal filtering. Known for meeting complex specifications and strict qualifications (MIL, ESA), Exxelia offers both standard and custom solutions. Their extensive design capabilities and robust development process enable them to quickly address application-specific challenges and provide efficient, cost-effective solutions, including enhanced performance, custom geometries, and robust packaging.

More information about Exxelia, their product and solutions

Learn more about our supplier Exxelia, their wide range of products for the aerospace, defense and other critical markets on our new landing page. Get an insight into their product categories, latest products on the market and solutions as a supplier of high performance electronic components.


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