Positronic connectors are approved for inclusion on a Qualified Product List (QPL)

Positronic provides compact, efficient, and reliable connectors for military applications, avionics equipment, or communication systems. These connectors are rigorously reviewed, tested, and approved for inclusion on a Qualified Products List (QPL) so customers know they get the highest standarts of connectors for their projects. For more information about the Positronic QPL List or for example their qualified M24308 Connectors click here.

About Qualified Product List (QPL)

To know if a product met the qualifications demands of applicable specifications or has the appropriate product identification you need a Qualified Product List (QPL).

Said by the US goverments defense and logistics agency „A Qualified Products List (QPL) is a listing of products or family of products that have met the qualification requirements set forth in the applicable specification, including appropriate product identification, tests or qualification reference, and the name and plant address of the manufacturer and authorized distributor.“ (Source: DLA.mil)

The QPL of a company gives industries an inventory of formally evaluated products with proven technologies, high reliabilty, increased speed and they also met the expected standarts or even exceeded them.

To find the full list of Positronics QPL Connects click here


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