TBC 177 to 199 & TBC 277 to 299 Feed-thru Ceramic Caps Class 1&2

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These single feed-thru capacitors with ceramic dielectric class 1 (NPO) or class 2 (2C1 or 2R1) feature unique frequency performance due to very low inductanc inherent to the configuration. They are ideally suited to interconnect power amplifier stages through a shielding wall (high impedance electronic circuits). Silver-palladium terminations (tinned or gold plated as optional) can be directly mounted on the metal surface of the shielding wall. Capacitors intended for use in such applications as aircraft on-board equipment (avionics) are systematically tested to voltage surge withstanding requirement specified in EN 2282 standard.



Dielectric: Ceramic class 1 & 2
Technology: Multilayer chips button form
Climatic category: 55/125/56
Operating temperature: – 55°C + 125°C
Class 1 - Stand. temp. coefficient: CG (NPO)
Rated voltage URC: 25 V - 500 V
Test voltage: 2,5 URC

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